Medicine against Varroa Destructor

Active ingredient: Coumaphos.
COMPOSITION : 1 ml solution contains 32 mg of Coumaphos (0,0’-Diethyl-O’’- (3-chlorine-4-methyl-7 cumarinyl)-thiophosphate).

AREA OF APPLICATION : for combating (therapy) varroa mites in bees.

CONNTRAINDICATION : Perizin may not be used during foraging periods. If used in spring, the therapy must be completed six weeks before foraging begins. Do not use for treatment when the temperature is below +5° C.

SIDE EFFECTS : Perizin is a medicine specifically for bees, which has been optimized in extensive laboratory and field trials to be effective and compatible. At the recommended, no side effects can be expected. However, the treatment can cause a few bees to die at low outdoor temperatures. This is caused by bees getting wet and then excessively cooled and will not impair the development of the colony as a whole.
Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the product: Perizin is for external use only and may not be ingested by humans or other vertebrates. Avoid direct contact with skin, mucous membranes and eyes. If there is accidental contact (mucous membranes, eyes) rinse thoroughly with water. Wear protective gloves when using the product. Do not eat or drink when using the product. After handling the product, wash hands thoroughly. Keep out of reach of children.

1. The waiting period between the diagnostic or therapeutic use of Perizin and the start of foraging flights amounts to six weeks or 42 days.
2. If used less than six weeks before the start of foraging, the honey then obtained may not be used for human consumption or fed to other bees.

Made in Germany,